Black Table Top Dispenser

Black Table Top Dispenser

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Pere Ocean is pleased to present our Hot and Cold Table Top Water Dispenser. Best suited for offices and homes with space constraint, one can still enjoy the convenience of having a glass of refreshing cold water to quench your thirst and hydrate your body during a hot afternoon, or brew a quick cup of hot coffee or hot tea to warm up our body in icy cold office environment, with our hot & cold table top water dispenser, directly from the tap.

Hot and Cold Table Top Bottled Water Dispenser

Insufficient space? Fret not. Compared to regular floor standing water dispenser, Pere Ocean's table top bottled water dispenser is built smaller and compact in size so that it is suitable for homes and offices with limited space.

Lack of clean drinking water? With Pere Ocean's bottled water dispenser, you no longer need to worry. There is a choice of mineral water and distilled water for you to choose.

Mineral Water. Pere Ocean mineral water comes from its own natural source in Malaysia. Every drop of water is drawn from a 300 feet deep spring producing an all natural and fresh mineral water retaining its natural minerals composition.

Distilled Water. Pere Ocean distilled water goes through a multi-level filtration process that involves distillation. It is a highly purified water especially suitable for pharmaceutical industry.

Tired of frequently boiling water? With Pere Ocean's water dispenser, you no longer need to boil water. Just one press and you get hot water (β©Ύ80Β°C). Design safer for homes with children and elderly; hot water button mimics a piano key to avoid scalding.

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