About Us

Vision Statement

Pere Ocean strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the key ingredient for the success of its business. It envisions itself as the key supplier of high quality beverages and healthy drinks in all its target markets. In order to fulfill this vision, Pere Ocean aims to give the consumer more reasons than ever to drink to Life! To achieve a healthy lifestyle is a balance of eating, drinking and exercising well. In drinking Pere Ocean, one can expect waterοΏ½s purifying benefits and move towards a healthy lifestyle, thus celebrating life.

The preferred regional supplier for healthy beverage solutions."

Corporate Information

Established in 1986 by a team of closely-knit family members, Pere Ocean pioneered the bulk bottled water and cooler rental industry in Singapore. Originally commencing operations in Singapore, it has since started up its own factory in Johor in 1990, and expanded its marketing operations to Kuala Lumpur the following year. Pere Ocean is now going global, exporting to other parts of the World, ie. Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka, just to name a few.

Currently, Pere Ocean is the only Singaporean-owned water company producing its own Fresh Natural Mineral Water from its own natural source, set in green and clean environment. As providing quality water products and excellent services to its drinkers is the company's main priority, Pere Ocean is committed to excellence throughout every facet of its production process, its logistical process and its customer services.

Our Services

Pere Ocean prides itself as a key player in the premium water products market, with Natural Mineral Water being the cream of the crop. To meet the needs of its wide range of customers, Pere Ocean has developed two product ranges, one to cater to its corporate business customers, and another to its retail business customers.

Corporate Business
In the corporate business, Pere Ocean markets the bulk bottled water and rental of the water dispensers. Dubbing its natural spring on taps, Pere Ocean's user-friendly dispensers give customers a choice of 10-Litres table-top models or 19-Litres office models. Able to dispense either at hot, cold or room temperature, the customers get to enjoy a choice of natural mineral water or pure distilled water. 

Retail Business
In the retail business, Pere Ocean offers its customers a choice of mineral, distilled or fortified health drinks, all bottled in high quality PET bottles. Customers can either quench their thirst or re-hydrate their body with a bottle of natural mineral water or pure distilled water. Or for the health conscious, a bottle of fortified health drinks that contains essential vitamins, calcium or fibre, and blended with fresh fruit fragrance for a refreshing taste.