Pere Ocean Distilled Water

Pere Ocean Distilled Water

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Our Water Sources

Pere Ocean’s Distilled Water is extracted from a natural water source and undergoes a multi-level water purification process to ensure its purity, otherwise known as distillation. As most solid residues are removed, our distilled water is especially suitable for the pharmaceutical industry as well as detoxification.

Our Water Filtration & Bottling Process

We strive to provide our customers with clean and pure distilled water. Every stage of the water filtration and bottling process is carefully monitored by our well-trained staff and quality assurance team using the latest analytical instruments. Our manufacturing process has been certified to comply with international food safety standards, ISO 22000:2005. Still, we are actively looking to discover new ideas and technologies in the market.

Drinks To Go

We have packaged our distilled water in small bottles for your convenience. You no longer have to worry about keeping your clients hydrated at an important business meeting or singing your hearts out while at your favorite singer’s performance. All of our small bottled water is packed in high-quality PET bottles. There are three different sizes: 1) 300 ml, 2) 500 ml and 3) 1500 ml.

Pere Ocean's Small / PET Bottled Water (300 ml / 500 ml / 1500 ml)

Pere Ocean Distilled Water PET Bottle

Packaging Information

PET Bottle SizeUnit CartonWeight/CartonCarton Dimension
(W x L x H) cm
300 ml24 bottles7.8kg34.8 x 23 x 17.5
500 ml24 bottles12.5kg39.5 x 26.3 x 20.5
1500 ml12 bottles18.6kg34.7 x 26.3 x 31.2

Loading Information

PET Bottle SizeWithout PalletWith Pallet
300 ml1600 cartons10 pallets (1000 cartons)
500 ml1350 cartons10 pallets (800 cartons)
1500 ml1000 cartons10 pallets (600 cartons)
**Important Note: Only for 20ft Container

Extra-Large Natural Goodness

You can also enjoy Pere Ocean’s Distilled Water if you are using a bottled water dispenser. There are three different sizes: 1) 8 L, 2) 10 L and 3) 19 L. For our bottom load water dispenser, it is most compatible with our largest bottle size, which is the 19 L bottled water. Our latest design, the 8 L bottled water, is different from the usual big gallon bottled water in the market as it is lighter and disposable.

Pere Ocean's Big / Gallon Bottled Water (8 L / 10 L / 19 L)

Pere Ocean Mineral Water 8L

Packaging Information

Gallon Bottle SizeDimension (W x H) cm
8 L (2 bottles per box)41.2 x 21.1 x 39.7
10 L21 x 38
19 L24 x 49
Pere Ocean Distilled Water 19L

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