Table Top Direct Piping Water Dispenser

Table Top Direct Piping Water Dispenser

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Hot and Cold Table Top Direct Piping (3-Stage Filter) (Sleek Black Series) Insufficient space? Fret not. Compared to regular floor standing water dispenser, Pere Ocean's table top direct piping water dispenser is built smaller and compact in size so that it is suitable for homes and offices with limited space. Unsure of drinking tap water? With Pere Ocean's direct piping water dispenser, you no longer have to worry. Each dispenser has three stages of filter installed, each with a different function. There are sediment filter, pre-carbon filter and ultra-fine filter. What is a 3 stage filtration system? 1. Sediment Filter Removes large, undissolved particles i.e. dust, sand, rust and all other harmful solid particles. 2. Pre-Carbon Filter Removes residual chlorine & organic chemicals, as well as get rid of bad taste & odours. 3. Ultra-fine filter Removes bacterial, clay particles, suspended metal hydroxides, colloidal silica, bacterical decomposition products, and other suspended materials Tired of frequently boiling water? With Pere Ocean's water dispenser, you no longer need to boil water. Just one press and you get hot water (?80°C). Design safer for homes with children and elderly; built-in with safety lock to avoid scalding. Parts & Features Product Specifications

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