Direct Piping Water Dispenser

Direct Piping Water Dispenser

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Pere Ocean is pleased to present our Hot and Cold Direct Piping Water Dispenser. Connecting directly to your in-house water source, and processed via a 4 stages water filter system, including the latest U.F. Filter Technology, you can now enjoy the convenience of having a glass of refreshing cold water to quench your thirst and hydrate your body during a hot afternoon, or brew a quick cup of hot coffee or hot tea to warm up our body in icy cold office environment, with our hot & cold direct piping water dispenser, directly from the tap. Choice of floor standing or table top models, our direct piping water dispenser is best suited for all office, shop, factory and residential home use with in-house water source.

Direct Piping Water Dispenser High water consumption? Pere Ocean's direct piping water dispenser is suitable for places with high water consumption and access to tap water. Unlike bottled water dispenser, you do not need to frequently change and lift bulky gallon bottles. What is a 4 Stage Filtration System? 1. Sediment Filter Removes large, undissolved particles i.e. dust, sand, rust and all other harmful solid particles. 2. Pre-Carbon Filter Removes residual chlorine & organic chemicals, as well as get rid of bad taste & odours. 3.Ultra-Fine Filter Removes bacterial, clay particles, suspended metal hyrdoxides, colloidal silica, bacterial decomposition products, and other suspended materials.4. Post-Carbon Filter Further remove bad taste & smell hence raising water purity and makes water taste even better. Tired of frequently boiling water? With Pere Ocean's water dispenser, you no longer need to boil water. Just one press and you get hot water (≥ 80°C). May request to install hot water safety lock to avoid scalding. Recommended for homes with children and elderly. Product Specifications

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