Gallon Bottle

Gallon Bottle

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Pere Ocean Natural Mineral Water

Our mineral waters are the heart of our business. Our natural source of mineral water is tucked away in the lush greenery of Ulu Tiram, Malaysia. Every drop of Pere Ocean Natural Mineral Water is drawn from a 300 feet deep spring producing all-natural and fresh mineral water retaining its natural minerals composition.

Pere Ocean Distilled Water

Our Distilled Water is extracted from a natural water source and undergoes a multi-level water purification process to ensure its purity, otherwise known as distillation. As most solid residues are removed, Pere Ocean Distilled Water is especially suitable for the pharmaceutical industry as well as detoxification.

Pere Ocean's Big / Gallon Bottled Water (8 L / 10 L / 19 L)

Pere Ocean Natural Mineral Water 8L

Packaging Information

Gallon Bottle SizeDimension (W x H) cm
8 L (2 bottles per box)41.2 x 21.1 x 39.7
10 L21 x 38
19 L24 x 49
Pere Ocean Natural Mineral Water 19L

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