Bottled Water Dispensers

Bottled Water Dispenser

Best Value Water Dispensers in Singapore for Offices & Homes. Choice of Natural Mineral Water/ Distilled Water. Models Available - Table Top, Bottom Load/ Floor Standing. Choose 19L / 10L/ 8L Water Bottles. Instantly Dispense Hot & Cold Water.

(NEW) Gold Label Table Top
Water Dispenser (Hot & Cold)

Having space constraints? A simple trick for you - keep things off the ground. The compact size of our table top model allows you to place it on your kitchen top & keep your walkway clear.
Product Size: 31.5 (W) X 37 (D) X 51.5 (H) cm
Product Code: SADISP032

(NEW) Gold Label Bottom Load
Water Dispenser (Hot & Cold)

With the bottom load access, you don't have to worry about hurting your back while lifting big bulky gallon bottles. Especially for the ladies, you no longer have to wait for the men.
Product Size: 31 (W) X 38 (D) X 110 (H) cm
Product Code: SADISP030

Gold Label Pere Ocean Hot & Cold Floor Stand Bottled Water Dispenser (New Arrival)

(NEW) Gold Label Floor Stand
Water Dispenser (Hot & Cold)

Compatible to any of our big bottled water size - 8 L / 10 L / 19 L. There's even an extra space for you to store your pantry items in the bottom compartment. Just remember to keep it clean ya!
Product Size: 33 (W) X 32 (D) X 96 (H) cm
Product Code: SADISP029

White Hot & Room Table Top Bottled Water Dispenser

(NEW) White Table Top
Water Dispenser (Hot & Room)

"Less is more". Do you need only the hot water function to make a cup of warm coffee or tea?  This is the dispenser for you.
Product Size: 31 (W) X 31 (D) X 42 (H) cm
Product Code: SADISP015

(BEST SELLING) White Floor Stand
Water Dispenser (Hot & Cold)

Our best-selling water dispenser. It's the basic water dispenser for any corporate offices/ homes. It comes with hot & cold water function. Also, you can choose any sizes of our big bottled water.
Product Size: 31.5 (W) X 32.5 (D) X 98.5 (H) cm
Product Code: SADISP008

Water Dispenser (Hot & Cold)

You can never go wrong with black colour. You'll never have to worry about dirtying it. Floor constraint in your office or home? With Pere Ocean Hot and Cold Table Top Water Dispenser, you can still enjoy refreshing Pere Ocean water, at home or office
Product Size: 34.6 (W) X 36.7 (D) X 43.3 (H) cm
Product Code: SADISP028

(STOCKS CLEARANCE) Black Floor Standing
Water Dispenser (Hot & Cold)

The stainless steel PereOcean top-loading water cooler is the finest of its kind. This beautifully designed product will give you more water flow, colder and hotter water, all in an attractive stainless steel cabinet.
Product Size: 27.5 (W) X 28.6 (D) X 91.3 (H) cm
Product Code: SADISP027

(STOCKS CLEARANCE) Black Bottom Load
Water Dispenser (Hot & Cold)

This latest bottom load water dispenser model not only possess sleek modern design, but is built-in with state of the art SELF CLEAN™ SYSTEM. With our Sanitary Shield Protection, you can be rest assured of the bottled water quality
Product Size: 38.2 (W) X 32 (D) X 102.8 (H) cm
Product Code: SADISP026