Water Dispenser Floor Stand (Hot & Cold) - Crystal Mountain Mogul

Water Dispenser Floor Stand (Hot & Cold) - Crystal Mountain Mogul

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starstarstarstarstar   Satisfied Customer!

❝I've been their client for 4 years now. I am very satisfied with safe water and customer service. They are prompt and friendly. It is easy to order online and they deliver quality water in time always. Also the dispenser works very well.❞

Product Highlights

check  Dispense hot water (≥80°C) and icy cold water (≤10°C)
check  May request to install hot water safety lock to avoid scalding; recommended for homes with children or elderly
check  Choice of Mineral Water and Distilled Water; available in three different sizes (8L, 10L, and 19L) 
check  Available in plain white color only

Rental Available

B2B leasing of water dispensers available! Contact us via to find out more.


We don't do any walk up/ climb stairs locations. Alternatively, you may self-collect at our warehouse. We don't do same day delivery. Additional refundable deposits required for protection of our empty gallon bottles against damage/ loss.

Tired of Frequently Boiling Water?

With Pere Ocean's water dispenser, you no longer need to boil water. Just one press and you get hot water (≥80°C). Add on "Child Safety Latch" to protect children or elderly from scalding.

Product Specifications

Power SupplyAC 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
Cold Water Power74 W
Cold Capacity/ Hour2.6 L per hour (Less than 10ºC)
Hot Water Power450 W
Hot Capacity/ HourUp to 3 L per hour (More than 80ºC)
Net Weight13.2 kg
Gross Weight14.3 kg
Product Size31.5 (W) X 32.5 (D) X 98.5 (H) cm
Packing Size32 (W) X 33 (D) X 100 (H) cm
Available ColorsWhite Only
Quick Brain Bites:
How does a hot water tap safety catch works? Otherwise known as Child Safety Lock. All of our newest range of water dispensers have a built-in safety catch. It prevents users from accidentally dispensing hot water and scalding themselves. It requires user to push and unlock the safety catch before they can dispense hot water. Watch our video on how to dispense hot water now.


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Lack of Clean Drinking Water?

With Pere Ocean’s bottled water dispenser, you no longer have to worry. There is a choice of mineral water and distilled water for you to choose. The bottles also come in three different sizes to suit your needs.
Quick Brain Bites:
What are the differences between a bottled water dispenser and a direct piping water dispenser? Unlike a direct piping water dispenser, a bottled water dispenser does not have any filters installed. A bottled water dispenser is normally used together with a big gallon bottled water that comes in various sizes such as 8L, 10L and 19L, while a direct piping water dispenser needs to be connected to a water tap. Therefore, a direct piping water dispenser requires a change of filtration set atleast once a year to ensure the quality of dispensed water. Simply contact us to make your next appointment for filter change now.

Mineral Water or Distilled Water?

Mineral Water

Pere Ocean Mineral Water comes from its own natural source in Malaysia. Every drop of water is drawn from a 300 feet deep spring producing all natural and fresh mineral water retaining its natural minerals composition.

Distilled Water

Pere Ocean Distilled Water goes through a multi-level filtration process that involves distillation. It is a highly purified water especially suitable for the pharmaceutical industry.

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