Crystal Mountain Everest Elite Hot & Cold Floor Stand Water Dispenser

Crystal Mountain Everest Elite Hot & Cold Floor Stand Water Dispenser

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5 Star Ratings
Review by Norman Lee
❝I ordered the Gold Label hot & cold water dispenser last month. Service was excellent as the Customer Service was able to answer all my questions and requests in a timely manner. Delivery was also on time. The product itself is also fantastic as the design was beautiful that fit any modern home & comparing the cost of having this dispenser vs those water filtering systems, this was the more cost effective choice over 3 to 5 years depending on consumption. I truly recommend having this product to have at any modern office or home.❞

Product Highlights
check  Conveniently dispense hot water (≥90°C) & icy cold water (≤10°C)
check  Choice of Natural Mineral Water & Pure Distilled Water; available in three different sizes (8L/ 10L/ 19L)
check  Sturdy & raised metal faucet handles allow users to hygienically dispense water into mugs & water bottles
check  Childproof safety faucet handle
check  Ergonomic faucet height
check  Environmentally friendly refrigerant R600a
check  Available in matte black color with chrome accent
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Can rent for 1 year, 2 years/ more.
shopping_cart  BUNDLE DEAL PACKAGE

1 x Water Dispenser
4 x 8L/ 10L/ 19L Bottles
1 Year Warranty (T&C Apply)
Free Delivery

We don't do any walk up/ climb stairs locations. Alternatively, you may self-collect at our warehouse. We don't do same day delivery. Additional refundable deposits payable for protection of our empty gallon bottles against damage/ loss.

Hygienically Dispense Water into Mugs & Water Bottles
Faucet handles are designed in such a way that users are able to maintain hygiene while placing their mugs/ water bottles away from the faucet & avoiding direct contact when dispensing water, which is very important when you're sharing the water dispenser with colleagues, clients, patients/ other people.
Crystal Mountain Everest Elite Hot Cold Floor Stand Water Dispenser Metal Faucet Handle (See Image Above) Close-Up View of Faucet Handles
Crystal Mountain Everest Elite Hot Cold Floor Stand Water Dispenser Front View (See Image Above) Front View, With 19L Water Bottle
Crystal Mountain Everest Elite Hot Cold Floor Stand Water Dispenser Back View (See Image Above) Side View, With 19L Water Bottle

Product Specifications
Power SupplyAC 220 - 240V / 50Hz
Cooling Power80W
Cooling Capacity/ Hour1L per hour (Less than 10ºC)
Cold Tank Volume2.4L
Heating Power450W
Heating Capacity/ Hour4L per hour (More than 90ºC)
Hot Tank Volume1.1L
Product Size29.0 (W) X 28.5 (D) X 108.0 (H) cm
Packing Size35.85 (W) X 34.2 (D) X 105.3 (H) cm
Net Weight12.4kg
Gross Weight13.7kg
Available ColourMatte black only
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No More Troubles of Boiling Water!
With Pere Ocean's water dispenser, you won't have to boil water anymore. With just one press & you can get hot water (≥90°C). Designed safer for homes with children & elderly; built-in with a hot water safety button to avoid scalding.
What is a Child Safety Latch?
Otherwise known as Hot Water Tap Safety Catch. It prevents accidentally dispensing of hot water as it requires user to push & unlock the safety catch before they can dispense hot water. All of our newest range of water dispensers have a built-in safety catch.
Crystal Mountain Everest Elite Hot Cold Floor Stand Water Dispenser Metal Faucet Handle Diagram (See Image Above) Hot Water Tap Button Safety Catch for Crystal Mountain Water Dispenser

Protects Floor Against Leaks
Our DryGuard™ system gives you extra peace of mind as it protects floors against leaking/ faulty bottles. As the industry's first non-spill system, it includes a 5-micron air filter to protect the integrity of the water against airborne contaminants.
Crystal Mountain DryGuard System (See Image Above) DryGuard™ Patented No-Spill System

Water Bottle Sizes Available for Water Dispenser
Pere Ocean 8L Mineral Water

8L Water Bottle
Due to its size, it's easier to load onto your water dispenser & it's disposable. Suitable if you don't have a high water consumption & don't want the hassle of returning empty bottles to us. Approximately equivalent to 2.11 gallons of water.
Pere Ocean 10L Mineral Water

10L Water Bottle
All of our 10L water bottles actually contain more than 10L, to be exact it contains 11.4L of water which is equivalent to 3 gallons of water. We know it's weird but who doesn't want an extra 1.4L.
Pere Ocean 19L Mineral Water

19L Water Bottle
Most popular water bottle size amongst our customers. Approximately equivalent to 5.01 gallons of water & it's the largest water bottle size that we have. You'll have to return the empty bottles to us after consuming the water.

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