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Pere Ocean Switch to PayNow Today Redeem Free Reusable Face Masks
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Redeem 3 X FREE Pere Ocean Reusable Anti-Bacterial Face Mask when you switch over to PayNow today
Pere Ocean Why Switch to PayNow Today
Why PayNow? #gocontactless
It's FAST. It's EASY. It's CONVENIENT. Encourages safe shopping while reducing risks for you and me.
Pere Ocean How To PayNow using QR Code
How-To PayNow via QR Code
Simply scan our QR Code to make payment. Alternatively, PayNow to our UEN Number 198105332GWIP.
Pere Ocean How To Redeem Free Masks After Switch to PayNow
How-to Redeem FREE Reusable Face Mask
Email a screenshot or picture of your successful PayNow payment to

No PayNow? Pay via AXS
Pere Ocean is the first water dispenser and bottled water supplier in Singapore that accepts AXS payment.

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